Kashrut Policy

Congregation Beth Shalom Dietary Policy

The Dietary Policy dated November 2014 is revoked and replaced by this policy by action of the Board of Directors at the Meeting on March 5, 2019.

Congregation Beth Shalom (“CBS”) is a Reform Temple Community and, as such, has chosen to adopt a Kosher-style Kashrut policy. This policy only applies to the CBS building and grounds.

CBS asks those who are less traditionally observant to respect those in our community who are more observant. CBS understands that there are members in our community who do or try to maintain some level of Kashrut.

This policy calls only for Kosher-style meals. Pork, shellfish and meat from nonKosher animals or fish are strictly prohibited. Meals are either dairy or meat without exception.

The way our members practice at home is a personal choice. At the congregation it is a communal decision. This policy is meant to unite us as Jews linked to an age-old tradition. It is to serve as instruction, a Jewish lesson and a bridge to making the ordinary holy. This policy keeps CBS a more welcoming place for both those who keep Kosher and those who do not.