Congregation Beth Shalom (CBS) is a vibrant, warm and diverse Reform synagogue. As the only Reform synagogue in the Greater Brandon area, we provide a home for Jews of all ages and backgrounds as well as interfaith families As a small, personable congregation, we value the contribution and participation of each individual member and recognize the diversity that exists in Jewish families today, whether married, single parent or just singles. CBS is a community in which each individual is able to celebrate life’s joys to the fullest and find support during times of loss and pain. Embracing the richness of Jewish tradition, we seek to help each person find his or her place within that tradition, joining with others who are searching for a path towards a fulfilling and joyous Jewish way of life in today’s modern world. CBS provides a meaningful spiritual home for people of all ages and levels of knowledge, a place to learn and to question, a place to worship and to celebrate, a place to find a community that cares.   We emphasize the equality of gender, race as well as those in the LGBTQ community in all Temple activities. This includes all aspects of worship services as well as our being on our Staff, Board of Directors and Committees. CBS is the warm and inclusive Jewish home to all individuals seeking meaningful Jewish life in today’s world. We are very proud of the fact that our Congregation Beth Shalom family includes infants, octogenarians and all age groups in between. It makes us truly representative of the Jewish community and is one of the strengths of our Temple. Click here for the Membership Application – 2021-2022!  For an application for financial arrangement, please click here.  If you have any additional questions regarding membership, you may contact our Membership Chairs at

College Connection!

College Connection is a way for Congregation Beth Shalom to maintain contact with our college-age members while they are away from home. We would like to help our students remain connected to the Jewish holidays and traditions by sending them greetings from Congregation Beth Shalom. In order to reach out to the largest number of people, we need your help in collecting the most up-to-date contact information for the coming year. There is no charge for College Connection; however, donations are graciously accepted so we can continue to engage with our young adults.

Complete the form below for each college-age student in your family and email it to

Please click HERE to download the form

Parent of College Students:  Congregation Beth Shalom wants to wish all of our college students good luck this school year.  Whether this is their first year away from home or they ready to graduate, CBS wants them to know that we are thinking of them during the year.  College Connection is open to all former and current members with students 18-23 years old. To participate, please complete the College Connection form for each college student and email it to