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Our Religious School holds a program for families involving learning and fun and a chance to deepen their appreciation of this Festival of Lights. On the Erev Shabbat in Chanukah, we invite everyone who attends to bring their own menorahs and we light all of them as part of our service. The glow from these menorahs – all shapes, sizes and designs – fills our sanctuary with light and joy.   Donuts, songs, dreidles and stories are all part of our celebration.

Join Rabbi Torop for her perspective on this year's unique phenomenon of the confluence of Chanukah and Thanksgiving.  Simply click HERE to launch the video.


Chanukah, meaning "dedication" in Hebrew, refers to the joyous eight-day celebration during which Jews commemorate the victory of the Macabees over the armies of Syria in 165 B.C.E. and the subsequent liberation and "re-dedication" of the Temple in Jerusalem. The modern home celebration of Chanukah centers around the lighting of the chanukiah, a special menorah for Chanukah; unique foods, latkes and jelly doughnuts; and special songs and games.

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December 15th  - Simcha Shabbat Service 7:00PM

December 16th - Bible & Bagels 10:00AM

December 16th - Havdalah Service, Rabbi Torop Farewell Celebration 5:30PM

December 17th -  Religious School Hanukkah Celebration, Torah Tots 10:00AM

January 20th - Scholar in Residence 8:00PM