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Youth Education

Greetings and welcome back from summer! Parent volunteers and Religious School Staff have been working hard over the summer preparing the upcoming CBS Religious School year and are looking forward to making your child's religious school learning experience both FUN and educational. We believe that the backbone to a strong educational experience for the children is the support of their parents and a strong Religious School Parent Association.   We will be calling upon Parent Association members for ideas and exciting ways of enhancing our children's experience.

In addition, we anticipate adding more opportunities for the children to be able to showcase their knowledge. We will work closely with Rabbi Torop to determine age-specific and appropriate channels. Each year of your children's Hebrew learning is more important than the year prior as they grow toward reaching their goal of becoming Bar/Bat Mitzvah and then Confirmation. Each step they take on this journey is not one that they take alone or lightly, as they are committed to becoming an intricate part of our Jewish Community.


Thank you,

Natasha Rieger & Lea Garbett
Youth Education Co-Chairs

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December 15th  - Simcha Shabbat Service 7:00PM

December 16th - Bible & Bagels 10:00AM

December 16th - Havdalah Service, Rabbi Torop Farewell Celebration 5:30PM

December 17th -  Religious School Hanukkah Celebration, Torah Tots 10:00AM

January 20th - Scholar in Residence 8:00PM